Monday, August 15, 2011

SMO - Views

In SQL Server Management objects, Views are represented by a View object.

Enumerating Views
Server srv = new Server(conn);
Database db = srv.Databases["AdventureWorks"];
foreach (View view in db.Views)
     *  SOME CODE
Creating and removing Views
In the following example, a view is created in text mode. In this case, the TextHeader property must be set. This property gets or sets the header part of the string that defines a View. The body of a View is represented by the TextBody property. Other properties that need mention are IsSchemaBound which gets or sets the value that specifies whether a schema is bound to the View, and IsEncrypted that specifies whether a View is encrypted. When a View is created and IsEncrypted is true, the definition of the View is stored in an obfuscated format. When IsSchemaBound is true, Views and tables participating in a View clause cannot be dropped unless that View is dropped or changed so that it no longer has schema binding.
View myview = new View(myNewDatabase, "My_SMO_View");
myview.TextHeader = "CREATE VIEW [My_SMO_View] AS";
myview.TextBody = "SELECT ID, NAME FROM MyFirstSMOTable"; 
This example shows how to create a View in MyNewDatabse. The newly created View is named My_SMO_View and it selects all the rows from the table MyFirstTable.

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